Bioflex Semirigid Stabilization for Fusion Technology

Semirigid Fixation System

Strong support for better physiologic fusion
Fusion without stress shield effect.
Bioflex Dynamic Stabilization for Non-fusion Technology

Dynamic Stabilization System

Preserving motion while stabilizing the segments during flexion, extension, lateral bending,
and rotation.
Inter-vertebral fusion cage
The Bio Expandable cage has little risk of subsidence while the stand-aline cage has
little risk of cage migration with subsequent loosening.
The surface of the cage is coated with hydroxyapatite and is more porous than other
similar cages. The hydroxyapatite coatings can promote the formation of normal bone
at its surface, which is osteoconductive and osteointegrative.
The alternative to traditional rigid system.
4mm / diameter Nitinol / titamum alloy coiled springs
Natural 3-D balance of Spring rods.
The prevention of degeneration of adjacent segments
Reduced instrumentation failures.
Multilevel segmental connection
Easy to use
No Rod bending
Low profile device
Minimal invasive surgical Insertion
BioFlex Spring Rod System
This system is flexible but strong enough to support,
and thus can reduce undesirable effects of the rigid system,
reconstruct the sagittal balance while simultaneously maintaining segmental movement,
and achieve more uniform disc unloading and preservation of motion in flexion,
extension, lateral bending and rotation.
 BioFlex Series
- Vertical Spring Rod System
- Tension Band Spring Rod System
- Domino Flex Ring System
- BioFlex Ti-Al